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Full Moon Ceremony

Full moon phase is a great time for  strengthening and releasing all that no longer serves you like dead dry ends and skin cells. A perfect time for a signature scalp treatment and a trim. 


New Moon Ceremony

New moon phase is great time for resting and rejuvenating.  A perfect time for a deep nourishing conditioning gloss & a trim. Extra long hair add $25.


All Lunar Ceremonies will receive a relaxing scalp & neck massage Ceremonial sage clearing with cacao beverage and Oracle Card reading.

The moon has an effect on planet growth and harvest. It determines the ebb and flow of the tides. It even has an effect on births & enhances hair growth and beauty.


Reservation Dates:

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Here’s the thing: Manifestation is a personal practice that means different things to different people. I personally subscribe to lunar hair care, but this is not the type of practice that can be scientifically backed. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. Ritual is a means of taking time out from our busy schedules and the daily noise around us to create a dedicated space to care for both our hair and our well-being this means allowing the space for calling in what we are desiring.